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Next up in our webinar series 
Swedish Research in Cell Biology:

Episode 6:

"Reconstructing Wnt Signaling: a Pathway at the Interface between Development and Cancer"
- A lecture by Associate Professor Claudio Cantù at LiU

In his lecture, dr. Cantù will discuss how a small number of conserved signalling cascades can drive the wide-range of differentiation fates occurring during animal development. To understand this, his group makes use of sophisticated mouse genetics combined to high-throughput biochemical approaches in the attempt to discover the composition of the protein “arsenal” that, in different cell types, allows the activation of the correct genes. The experimental efforts are focused on the so-called ‘Wnt signalling pathway’, a molecular cascade important for virtually all aspects of embryonic development, and whose deregulation causes human malformations and several forms of aggressive cancer.

Below you will find a selection of Claudio's articles if you want to prepare prior to his webinar. 

Date: 2022-02-09, 15:00-16:00
A selection of Claudio's publications:

TCF/LEF regulation of the topologically associated domain ADI promotes mESCs to exit the pluripotent ground state

The WNT/β-catenin dependent transcription: A tissue-specific business

TBX3 acts as tissue-specific component of the Wnt/β-catenin transcriptional complex

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