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Next up in our webinar series Oxygen in Cell Biology:

Episode 3:

Living with 21% O2 was never easy - hypoxia as the norm in animal and Earth history. 
- A lecture by Associate professor Emma Hammarlund at Lund University. 
Date: September 30th, 15:00-16:00 Swedish time. 

Emma Hammarlund will discuss how most of Earth and animal history has passed under an atmosphere with so low oxygen concentrations that we today would define them as hypoxic. She will present one way by which animals may have found ways to harness hypoxia and thereby, finally, live in the energy-laden oxic niche.

Below you will find a selection of Emma's articles if you want to prepare prior to her webinar. 

A selection of Emma's articles:

Harnessing hypoxia as an evolutionary driver of complex multicellularity

Oxygen-sensing mechanisms across eukaryotic kingdoms and their roles in complex multicellularity

Refined control of cell stemness allowed animal evolution in the oxic realm

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